Mindwalk Consulting Group, LLC was founded by Dr. Randall Singer as a platform to deliver innovative, cross-disciplinary solutions to some of today's most pressing problems.


Our Approach

We are committed to producing reputable results though quality scientific practices and collaborating with other leading experts. We have expertise in several areas including antimicrobial resistance, food safety, scientific writing, emerging pathogens, and more. Some of the approaches we employ include:

  • System dynamics modeling
  • Quantitative risk assessment
  • Molecular epidemiology

We are actively working on several projects related to food safety, animal welfare, quantitative risk assessment, and antimicrobial use and resistance.


Randall Singer, DVM, MPVM, PhD

Founder and Project Lead

Leah Porter

Program Manager

Dr. Singer is a professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Research in his lab seeks to understand the factors that influence the emergence, evolution, spread and persistence of microbes within different ecosystems. They use this information to design strategies for reducing the negative impacts that these pathogens have on human and animal health.